Healthy Lunch Menu in Caceres


Healty Lunch Menu in Caceres


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3-Course Lunch Menu 

  • Starters to choose:
    • Green sprouts with fresh tomato and spice salt
    • Fresh cheese salad from Casar de Cáceres with green apple
    • Basmati rice, free-range boiled egg and smooth skin avocados
    • Grilled vegetables 
    • Scrambled eggs with wild asparagus with truffle aroma
  • Main to choose:
    • Luengo beans, Bañeza de León with vegetables and fresh mushrooms
    • Baked cod on spring onions
    • Grilled tuna tenderloin with crudités
    • Grilled free-range chicken escalope with garlic and coriander
    • Grilled beef entrecote from Extremadura with petite vegetables
    • Duroc pork tenderloin from Extremadura, roasted with fine herbs
  • Dessert to choose:
    • Homemade yogurt
    • Seasonal fruit salad

Try a delicious gourmet lunch with local and healthy products at Hospes Palacio de Arenales in Cáceres. Good meat, tasty fish, fresh vegetables... You will find them all here! A perfect way to eat healthy while enjoying the best flavors.


Drinks during the meal


Monday to Friday for lunch

Monday to Thursday for dinners

Valid for

1 year

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