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The internet domain is owned by Hospes Hoteles, S.L. In compliance with the article 10 of Law 34/2002, of the 11th of July, of Services of the Society of the Information and Electronic Commerce, the company's identification data are shown below.

Social denomination: domiciled for this purpose in c/ Serrano,40- 4o D- 28001- Madrid, with C.I.F.: B-62173604 listed in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid in the volume 35372, folio 172, and sheet 214245. Contact email:



The following general terms and conditions (onwards, “General Terms and Conditions”) govern the access and use to the website property of HOSPES (onwards, the “Web”), included the products, services and contents that may be offered in the website. For the simple access and/or web browsing, are assumed read, understood and accepted the General Terms and Conditions, what equals a document signed and binding, in this meaning every person that access the Website (onwards, the “User/s”) submits to the General Terms and Conditions that are in force and applicable in the moment of the access, without any reservation, as well as undertakes to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. If you do not wish to submit to these, you should leave the website. In the same way, it is understood any other contract, arrangement and / or agreement in force between HOSPES and the User of application to the access, use and / or navigation of the Web, in whatever form, is also void and invalid, being replaced by the General Terms and Conditions.

In the event that, for the contents or services made available by HOSPES, or for any other circumstance, exists Particular Conditions that replace, complete or

modify the present General Terms and Conditions, the User is summited also to these, without any reservation, which will be of preferential application in case of conflict.

For its part, HOSPES reserves the right to review and / or modify, in any moment and without the need of any previous notice, both the General Terms and Conditions, and the Particular Conditions, if there were any. Thus, it is exclusive responsibility of the user to check these periodically or any time that an access to the website is made, being understood and accepted these new conditions of the same way exposed.

In this sense, HOSPES also reserves the rights to update, modify or eliminate any information shown in the Website, also the configuration or presentation, without any responsibility being derived to HOSPES for this.


Based on the Law in force, and specifically the Law LSSI, contracting through the web, will be made as follows:

The Client enters the Website.
The Client consults the hotel, dates, availability and rate.
The Client chooses the type of room and rate.
The Client fills the form of reservation with their personal data and credit card. The Client confirms the reservation
The Client receives the confirmation of the reservation from the website.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

The use of the Website and the contents attributes the User status. The rights of the contents and materials shown in the Website, just like the graphic design and the font codes, belong to HOSPES or, in their case, to thirds that consent the assignment to HOSPES. Equally, just like the commercial names, brands or distinctive signs.

The User has access and may download in the Website, the material shown, as long as the final purpose is personal, being prohibited any type of use to business

purposes or any type related, respecting in any moment the copyright, just like the rest of rights following the industrial property and / or intellectual of the materials that have been hinting around. For this reason, it is prohibited the exploitation, reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation or any other type of use that may be made according the contents situated in the Website with any profit purpose or benefit, direct or indirect to the user or to thirds, or any other that may not be personal, including this prohibition to any type of action that includes the use of text, photos, audio or videos, without any previous consent, direct or written authorization given by HOSPES to any effect.

The Users accept any type of content that has access thanks to the Website, it is protected through copyright, and it should not use them if the mode is not indicated in the present General Terms and Conditions just like the current legislation on Intellectual and / or Industrial Property, always with the previous consent written and shown in the HOSPES for this purpose. HOSPES does not guarantees or is responsible that the usage of the User may make that the materials shown in the Website does not infringes the rights to any thirds parts nondependent or not associated to HOSPES, which won’t be responsible for the proper User exclusively.

In case that the User could contribute any type of content to the Website, it should respect the current legislation, and specifically, the current normative about the Intellectual Property and / or Industrial, being this one the only responsible in front of complaints of third parts.

Responsibility of the users for the use of the Website and the contents

The User is aware and accepts voluntary and verbally that the use and navigation in the Website is being made under their own part and risk exclusively and in every moment. Neither HOSPES, or any other parts according to the creation, design or put in disposition of the Website, are responsible of any damage direct, indirect, special or derivate, that may occur as a consequence of the access, or derivate of the use of the Website.

By accessing, using or downloading the contents that are facilitated in the Website, the users accept that HOSPES is not responsible in front of Users or in front

or any other third part, for any difficulty or impossibility of the access to the Website and / or contents, just like the publication of these. In the same way, HOSPES won’t answer for any damage or virus that may infect your computer or device from the User is entering with, like a consequence of the access, use and navigation or for any other type of download of the contents, materials, videos, audios, images or any other type of element inside the Website.

In any case, the use of the Website and / or the contents made by the User may attack against the current legislation, for the rights of their parts, the moral, the good behaviors and the public order. In the same way, all use that is made to the services, information and materials of the Website and the contents must be licit and correct. It is verbally prohibited the use of the Website with injurious purposes of goods or interests of HOSPES or thirds parts that in any part overload, damage, unusable networks, servers and any other informatics equipment (hardware) or products and informatics applications (software) of HOSPES or third parts.

Limitation of Liability

HOSPES is not responsible for any damage, direct, indirect, special or derivate, in relation with the Website or content in which is related to it, it may be for the access, use, download, etc. and any other that may come from which damage: guarantees, contractual responsibility or extra contractual... This clause will rule even if it has been previous informed to HOSPES of the existence of possible damages.

HOSPES does not assumes any responsibility derivate to technical problems and failures in which the informatics equipment are being produced during the connection to the Internet network, as well as the damages that may be caused by third parts with illegitimates intrusions out of the control of HOSPES. It will also exonerate all responsibility in front of possible damages or injuries that may suffer any User or consequence of errors, defects or omissions in the information that we facility when proceed from foreign sources.

Contents and / or links from other websites

The website of HOSPES may have links or references to websites of third parts. These websites are property of third parts and are out of our domain and control, in any case, these are summited to their own terms and conditions, different to the terms and conditions of HOSPES, in which we are not responsible for the activity and function of these. In the same way, we do not assume the responsibility derivate to the availability, precision, relevance, legality or adequacy of the material in these websites, just like the damages or injuries derivatives of the use.